Outdoor Adventures

Take in all of the outdoor adventures our area has to offer, and when you need to refuel during your visit, be sure to check out our Restaurants Page for some great local eats!

When planning your trip, please be sure to click on the attractions you would like to visit and review their business hours, as some places are only open seasonally.

Day 1

Ready to debunk the myth that Nebraska is flat and boring? Some of the best mountain bike trails in Nebraska can be found 3 miles south of I-80 exit 199 on Brady-Moorefield road. Potter’s Pasture consists of close to 100 miles of trails through 1,200 acres of hills and canyons, thick groves of…

It’s Buffalo Bill’s ranch, of course it gets his Buffalo of Approval. You don’t have to take his word for it, there’s tons of reasons this State Historic Park is a must-see for visitors. Originally the 4000 acre Scout’s Rest Ranch, the historic park now consists of 16 acres that contain Buffalo…

Cody Go-Karts gets Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo of Approval. You know why? It’s because they offer a great variety of fun activities for the whole family.

The Crystal Cave and Falls Adventure Mini Golf course opened in the summer of 2023! It features a handmade cave, hand printed and stamped sidewalks, hand poured rocks and artisan features all throughout. There are memorial waterfalls and ponds all across the course. It is classified as a nature…

Day 2

Get out and stretch your legs on the trails around North Platte. There are places for peaceful walks, strenuous runs, and hikes in nature. Spend some time on the trails the next time you’re in town, it does the body good.

Day 3

In the spring the hearts of the Nebraska Greater Prairie Chickens turn toward love. To successfully attract a female mate, the male Prairie Chickens must impress them with their dancing prowess. Males will gather in large numbers on dancing grounds known as leks. They will cackle, jump and stomp…

This hands-on museum gets Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo of Approval for having the only Challenger 3900 series steam locomotive on public display in the world.

Buffalo Bill loves to get out on the water. Doesn’t matter if it’s an unsinkable cattle tank or a kayak made from the rare fiberglass trees of the Nebraska Sandhills; if it floats, he’s in it. Find the perfect place for your water recreation right here in North Platte.

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