Grain Bin Antique Town

As a man of taste and distinction it’s no wonder that Buffalo Bill does his shopping at Grain Bin Antique Town. Grain Bin is one of the most unique antique shopping experiences that you’ll find anywhere.

Clustered on a hill top in the scenic canyons south of North Platte, Grain Bin Antique Town consists of twenty historic grain bins and a massive barn that are connected by a boardwalk to form a huge and eclectic collection of antiques and primitives. Many of the individual bins contain unique collections from specific area collectors and dealers. You’ll find everything from old signage and advertisements to farm implements and even cow skulls to go along with all of the other eclectic flotsam and jetsam you’d expect from well-sourced dealers in rural America. With constantly changing inventories there are new treasures both large and small to be discovered on each visit.

With all of these options and new discoveries waiting at each visit it’s no wonder that Grain Bin Antique Town gets Buffalo Bill’s coveted Buffalo of Approval.

Open Year Round
March-December   10:30am-5:00pm   Wednesday-Saturday
January-February   10:30am-5:00pm   Saturday Only & By Appointment
Free Admission
(308) 539-7401
Grain Bin Antique Town
Grain Bin Antique Town
Grain Bin Antique Town
Buffalo Bill at Grain Bin Antique Town



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