Birding & Wildlife

Sitting at the juncture of the North and South Platte Rivers and surrounded by rolling hills, valleys and farmland it’s no wonder that the area around North Platte has been a haven for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts for years.

Sandhill Crane

Each spring the most incredible migration event in the world passes through the North Platte, Nebraska area. More than 400,000 Sandhill Cranes will spend about six weeks in the North Platte River valley.

Prairie Chicken

In the spring the hearts of the Nebraska Greater Prairie Chickens turn toward love. To successfully attract a female mate, the male Prairie Chickens must impress them with their dancing prowess.

Baltimore Oriole Challenging Sandhills Scenic Drive

Travel through the Sandhills, Cottonwood Canyon, or Wild Horse Canyon and search for hundreds of other bird species known to be in the area. You can also see some historic markers along your way.