Cody Park

Cody Park Carousel

You know why Cody Park, including the carousel and children’s rides, get the coveted Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo of Approval? Because they’re a great time for not just the kids but the whole family.

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The historic carousel provides fun and laughter for kids of all ages as they ride around on beautifully carved horses and other animals. In addition to the carousel, the miniature kiddie rides are great for the little ones. Combine that with the fact that the world’s best soft serve ice cream is available right next door during the summer and you’ve got a recipe for a great afternoon.


Cody Park has endless options to ensure that people of all ages have a great time. Facilities include: wildlife sanctuary, picnic tables, restrooms, bandstand, playground equipment, horseshoe pits, baseball and softball fields, outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, campgrounds, snack shop, and barbecue pits.

Whether you want to relax by the pool, enjoy some of the best ice cream in North Platte, ride the kiddie carnival rides or challenge your family to a game of horseshoes or disc golf, Cody Park is the place for you. This North Platte gem is nestled along the North Platte River which is a fun place to cool off in the shallow stream during the hot summer days. The drive-by zoo is home to animals of all sorts, including deer and elk, burros and llamas, geese and peacocks. Purchase animal food from nearby vending machines to feed the animals. Many shaded picnic areas are found throughout the park, with playgrounds and recreational activities nearby.

Fun for the whole family, that’s why Cody Park in North Platte gets Buffalo Bill’s coveted Buffalo of Approval.

North Platte Cody Park Flight for 9 Disc Golf Course

Cody Park is a huge park with amusement rides and a big fenced in zoo area. Nicely designed – one elevation change, one shot over the corner of the pond, and one technical shot through a wooded alcove. 4 or 5 nice ace holes! Mowed grass! This is Buffalo Bill Cody park and there is a huge train engine right next to the course. Fun for the family too!

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