Come to Buffalo Bill’s hometown and explore the history of America through a variety of interactive museums and exhibits located throughout the community. North Platte is especially attractive for fans of the railroad and old west, but there’s more waiting for anyone willing to dig a little deeper.

Buffalo Bill State Historical Park

It’s Buffalo Bill’s ranch, of course it gets his Buffalo of Approval. You don’t have to take his word for it, there’s tons of reasons this State Historic Park is a must-see for…

Cody Park Railroad Museum

This hands-on museum gets Buffalo Bill’s Buffalo of Approval for having the only Challenger 3900 series steam locomotive on public display in the world.

Fort Cody Trading Post

Over the years roadside souvenir stands have been given a bad name, well this is one shop that’s worth the trip. It’s not just any souvenir shop, inside you’ll find a museum, a…

Stones & Bones Gallery & Emporium

Stones and Bones is a unique gallery tucked into the small town of Hershey, Nebraska. The gallery features Native American artifacts western art and wildlife pieces. Visitors and…