Crane Watching

To view Sandhill Cranes in the Lincoln County area, start driving north on Dewey/Jeffers (Hwy 83).  After you cross the North River Bridge, turn west (left) on North River Road.  There are some chances to get off on the wrong road, so when the road turns, make sure you watch the signs and stay on North River Road.  You will stay on this road all the way to North Hershey Road (approximately 12 miles).  Turn south (left) and drive for about 2 miles, then turn back east (left) on West Suburban Road.   After about a mile turn south (right) on Parkway Road.  Again after about a mile, turn east (left) on Platte Valley Road.  Follow Platte Valley Road east for approximately 7 miles to North Splinter Road.  Turn south (right) and go to Highway 30.  Turn east (left) and drive for about a mile and a half.  When the highway begins to curve south (right), take a left and merge onto Scouts Rest Ranch Road. 

When driving on the country roads, drive slowly for safety.  Watch both sides of the roads for cranes and other wildlife.  If you stop, be sure to pull to the side of the road, and check to make sure cars coming from both directions can see you.  Do not go onto private property without permission.

Sandhill Crane Driving Map