Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Drive

Travel through the scenic Loess hills of Nebraska. Traverse the same geography that native Americans, soldiers from Ft. McPherson, and Buffalo Bill crossed during the early history of Nebraska.

Please use caution—you will be driving on gravel country roads with many hills, blind curves and cross-roads. You can encounter wildlife and cattle on the roads. Take your time, enjoy the drive and be safe! There are many blind curves, and after only a little moisture, the roads become impassable.

Depending on the hours of your travel, refreshments may be available in Maxwell, Brady, Moorefield and Curtis. It is best to start your tour with a full tank of gas. Because of the hills and canyons, you will be out of cell phone service for most of the trip.

Below is a list of birds you might see on this drive. This list includes 160 species likely to be seen along this scenic drive. Note that some birds are not present in all seasons and weather conditions will greatly impact the species that you see and hear. Most of the waterbirds will be found in the small reservoirs and canal along the north edge of the canyons.

Blue Grosbeak Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Drive
Brown Creeper Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Drive
Bufflehead Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Drive
Burrowing Owl Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Drive
Canvasback Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Drive